“The Enthusiasm of UMSIDA’s International Guest Lecture Participants Drives Innovation in Regional Economic Growth Through Creative Industries.”

On Thursday, December 7th, 2023, Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo (UMSIDA) proudly hosted an International Guest Lecture under the theme “The Role of Creative Industries in Increasing Regional Income”. The event welcomed distinguished speaker Bobur Sobirov, PhD in Economics from the Samarkand branch of Tashkent State University of Economic, Uzbekistan.

The Guest Lecture commenced at 09:00 AM WIB and transpired as a vibrant gathering, offering invaluable insights into the role of creative industries in boosting regional income. Bobur Sobirov, as the key speaker, brought forth extensive knowledge and rich experience, articulating the contribution of creative industries to the economic growth of a region.

The event attracted diverse participants, including students, faculty members, and industry practitioners. The ensuing discussions following the presentations were constructive, fostering an exchange of ideas and viewpoints concerning strategies for developing creative industries to enhance regional income.

With a complimentary registration fee, the event provided a valuable opportunity for attendees to acquire insights without financial barriers. This was particularly beneficial for those interested in the development of creative industries and their impact on regional economies.

During the final Q&A session, one of the international guest lecture participants, Prasetyo(20), posed a question, “How does the government of Uzbekistan support and encourage the development of creative industries to bolster the country’s economic growth? Are there any specific initiatives or policies implemented to promote the creative industry as a driving force for the economy in Uzbekistan?” – to which Bobur Sobirov, the main speaker, responded comprehensively and distinctly.

It is hoped that the outcomes of the International Guest Lecture will provide deep inspiration and understanding to all participants, encouraging tangible steps in supporting the growth of creative industries as a driving force behind regional economic development.

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